Equissage Pulse


Performance improvement
Prevention of problems and injury
Injury of diseases and disorders
Overall health support and maintenance


Equissage Pulse delivers powerful Cyclodic vibration (Horizontal, vertical and rotating) massage to the entire body. Scientific research has proven that it contributes to improving blood circulation , lymphatic drainage , relaxation and joint mobility and can contribute to the healing and recovery process in rehabilitation of a large majority of injuries and conditions.

How does the Equissage Pulse work?

Equissage Pulse backpad

Simple and very safe to use, the backpad is designed to give an optimal result to the bone system, muscle system, vascular system, and lymph system in a comfortable way. Placed at the saddle position, the backpad is ideal for warming up the horse and can also be used specifically for warming down, which ensures optimum relaxation to the body, which speeds up the breakdown of accumulated lactic acid in the muscles and to prevent stiffness of tendons, muscles , ligaments and joints

Equissage Pulse Hand Unit

Horses have various central nerve and battery pressure points that can get blocked. This can lead to common muscle problems, such as shortening and irregularity of the corridors, discomfort to the head, neck and neck, but also back, shoulder and hip lameness. All ensure a reduction in performance.
The hand unit is designed to apply deep-acting cycloid vibration massage directly to these specific areas, to get the best results and to optimize the overall condition of your horse.
The hand unit also works very effectively for breathing problems but also for the prevention and faster recovery of bleeding that can occur due to explosive work on racing horses and trotters, among other things, and gives the best result in cooperation with the backpad.

Equissage Pulse Leg and Tendon boot

The legboot is the most effective way to treat the most common leg and hoof problems in cooperation with the hand unit. This combination provides a pleasant and deep-acting and effective circulation massage to the entire leg.
Problems such as strain and overstretching of tendons and ligaments, bruises, circulation problems, osteoarthritis problems, hoof ulcers, hoof bruises, knee problems, crooked problems and ao squeak heel.
By optimizing blood flow and lymphatic drainage, it contributes to the improvement of joint mobility.



Basic Treatment : Equissage treatment with the backpad for 20 minutes - € 30, -
Treatment Luxury : Equissage treatment backpad and hand unit for 20 minutes - € 40, -

For the Equissage treatment we would be happy to visit you.
With 3 horses / ponies or more, everyone will receive a € 5 discount.
You will also receive this discount in combination with a saddle pass appointment.

We charge travel costs of € 0.19 cents per kilometer from Almere Buiten.
Call-out costs can be shared with more customers at the same location

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